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Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

The Pixel Fractional Resurfacing Laser is one of the newest and most effective rejuvenating lasers. Pixel Fractional Resurfacing Laser works by creating thousands of equidistant, closely grouped, tiny areas of skin damage of equal depth, separated by larger areas of normal skin; healing can begin immediately from the intervening intact skin areas.

This way, even though the depth of skin removal is the same as in classic Laser Resurfacing, the recovery time is much faster than in classical skin resurfacing. Furthermore, there is no need for local anesthesia. A topical anesthetic application is sufficient to remove the feeling of pain. Also, there is no need for laborious soaking every 2 hours followed by applying a greasy ointment. Makeup can be applied the next day.

Inasmuch as very little time is lost from work, Pixel Fractional Resurfacing Laser is appropriate for the very busy professional or business man or woman. The procedure is very beneficial for treating Acne Scars, Aging Skin, Wrinkles and Folds, Loose and Redundant Skin, Melasma and Stretch Marks. One to several treatments may be necessary depending on the condition to be treated and the patient’s response to treatment.

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Length of Treatment: 5 treatments x 30 minute office visit
Price: $700.00 to $800.00
(depending on the surface to be treated)
Covered By Insurance: No
Pain Factor: Mild (topical anesthetic)

Prices on website subject to change and may not reflect actual prices after consultation.


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