A woman closing her eyes and a dermatologist about to give her a shot on the face.

Facelift Surgery

Restore your youthful appearance with IDI.

Love your skin as you age.

Your face is the center of your world. Whether you find yourself meeting new people, catching up with a long-lost friend, snapping photos with family or simply checking your appearance before you head out the door, your face is the focal point of so many personal and professional interactions. You use your face to enjoy all five senses, so it should be a part of your body that you are proud of and confident in, no matter your age. If you find yourself struggling with loving your appearance or are grappling over factors such as age, genetics and the environment that may have changed the look of your face over time, we can help.

Facelift surgery is an ideal option for patients who want to look as good as they feel, all the time. This cosmetic procedure enhances your natural beauty while restoring your youthful glow. If you want to improve the look of your face and reduce signs of aging, book an appointment with one of our cosmetic professionals today to determine if facelift surgery is the right option for you.

Facelifts provide long-term benefits

This aesthetic procedure is most beneficial to those looking to restore a more youthful appearance. Everyone’s facelift goals are different, which is why we pride ourselves on creating an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

The main benefits of a facelift include:

  • Firmer skin
  • A smoother appearance
  • A more sculpted and defined jawline


During surgery, general anesthesia is required. Incisions are made on either side of the face close to the temples and hairline. In most instances, incisions extend around the ears and end at the base of the scalp. The skin and underlying layers of tissue are tightened resulting in a more youthful and smooth appearance. Results of a facelift are immediate, creating a natural-looking glow. Directly after surgery, your face will be wrapped in bandages to reduce swelling and inflammation. Recovery time varies per patient but, on average, is about two weeks.

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